Le Coeur de la Mer



Attracted to anything that shines, I could not help but wonder what the real story of “Le Coeur de la Mer” (The Heart of the Ocean) was.

As explained in the movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron (Titanic FAQs), Cal gave Rose the necklace as a token of his love. The necklace was supposedly owned by Louis the XVI before he was beheaded during the French Revolution and later on cut into the shape of a heart. The story itself is pure fiction, but the idea of the necklace was inspired in a real one, the Hope Diamond.

Nonetheless, I was amazed to have found a story similar to that of the movie Titanic involving a diamond necklace. As it turns out, there was a couple on board of the ship who were traveling to America to begin a new life together. Kate Florence Phillips and Henry Samuel Morley were on board, traveling as second class passengers under the names of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. She was an assistant who worked for him in one of his confectionary shops, as well as his lover. Morley had given her a diamond and sapphire necklace, not entirely like the one in the move, but undoubtedly as lovely. However, he was not fortunate enough to have survived the night the ship sank but she was, wearing the necklace that same night. Long story short, she was rescued, had to go back to England, had a daughter, and continued life. For the full story and to find out what happened to the necklace, click here.

And, for an additional story on the necklace, click here.


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